ALCHIMIA Webinar: The Future of Steel: Human-Centred Design and Industry Innovation

Steel, the backbone of countless industries, is undergoing a transformation. No longer just a material, it’s becoming a platform for innovation driven by an important force: human-centered design.

Are you curious about how human-centered design is revolutionizing steel production? Are you also curious about how ‘human factors’ drive and shape new and innovative processes? The ALCHIMIA Project invites you to join their upcoming webinar to discuss the importance of people for the future of steel production:


The Future of Steel: Human-Centred Design and Industry Innovation

Date: Wednesday, May 29th

Time: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM GMT+2


This webinar will delve into the groundbreaking intersection of human-centered design and steel production. The event will explore how human-centered design and the wider consideration of ‘human factors’ can be used to transform the steel industry by fostering collaboration between workers and technology. This will involve looking at how to integrate workers into the design of new technologies and AI systems, with a focus on optimizing processes, enhancing worker capabilities, and addressing the changing landscape of accountability as automation increases. It will also consider in more general ways ‘human factors’ and the part that those working in the steel industry have to play in shaping its future.

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