Goals/Aims of the ALCHIMIA Project

Alchimia Sustainability green

Goal 1: Green Growth/Green Transition of big metallurgy industries

The metallurgical sector poses a major challenge to maintaining economic viability while implementing the necessary changes for greener manufacturing. As part of the European Green Deal agreement, the ALCHIMIA project has been launched to ensure that a greener and more sustainable Europe is specifically recognized with a new policy for climate neutral metallurgy industries by 2050.

Goal 1
Alchimia Furnace green

Goal 2: Reduce Energy Consumption in metallurgy industries

The objectives of the ALCHIMIA project are to reduce energy consumption, reduce of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and other environmental effects. The key part of the SDGs, hazards, and risks will also be identified as part of the project’s environmental impact assessment to direct project development. At the outset, we will carry out an SDG impact assessment to determine potential risks and opportunities, as well as mitigation and supporting actions. The primary goal will be to lower the carbon footprint and reduce the energy consumption of the whole value chain involved in the production of steel while utilizing green digital technology.

Goal 2
Alchimia Recycle green

Goal 3: Waste management/Recycling Scrap Metal in Steel making process

The ALCHIMIA tool will produce new or enhanced tools for scrap recycling characterization, process monitoring, optimization and decision support. The created system will be employed for prognostic optimization of the input material mix charged in the furnaces to achieve a certain product quality that meets the requirements of the customers while minimizing the process’s negative effects on the environment and energy consumption.
Goal 3
Alchimia Heat green

Goal 4: Emissions management in European Steel sector

ALCHIMIA addresses the goals of the Green deal by focusing on the process of optimization by boosting resource efficiency and reducing Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This is increasingly important for the European steel sector to contribute to the preservation of the environment.
Goal 4