ALCHIMIA: Revolutionizing Metalworking with AI for Sustainable Production

In the vast realm of steelmaking, where colossal numbers dominate the landscape, CELSA Group emerges as a global recycler, producing around 7 million tons of steel each year. To generate these 7 million tons of steel, CELSA Group processed a whopping 8 million tons of scrap, with a significant portion originating from end-of-life vehicles. To visualize the enormity of this figure, imagine lining up all these vehicles— they would encircle the entire globe, a testament to the vast amounts of scrap transformed into valuable steel!

Yet amidst these monumental numbers, there lies a remarkable opportunity. What if we could achieve a mere 1% improvement in the steel recycling process? The impact would be astounding.

As partners in the groundbreaking ALCHIMIA project, we are leading the charge in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to revolutionize production processes in metalworking plants. Our vision aligns with the Green Deal, as we strive to foster sustainability and efficiency in the industry. Throughout our journey, we have discovered the remarkable impact that small figures can have on giant production processes. The incorporation of accuracy, precision, and attention to detail through AI technologies has the potential to generate enormous outcomes, driving transformative change in the metalworking sector.


Enhancing Accuracy for Optimal Efficiency:

At the core of our efforts lies the goal of enhancing accuracy in determining the charge mix and achieving precise control over vital melting parameters. By doing so, we can optimize the efficiency of our steel melting furnace, enabling us to adapt precisely to the unique characteristics of each material we process. ALCHIMIA empowers us with cutting-edge artificial vision technology, providing a comprehensive understanding of our scrap yard’s composition and the specific materials we introduce into our system. This technological advantage allows us to make data-driven decisions and implement intelligent control mechanisms in real time, bolstering the robustness and reliability of our processes.


The Significance of Small Figures:

In the steel industry, where the standard unit of measurement is the ton, even the smallest deviation can have a significant impact. Consider a single tapping that yields an impressive 150 tons of steel. A seemingly minor error of 1% translates to a substantial loss of 1.5 tons. While this may not appear significant at first glance, it holds tremendous potential for raw material savings. Similarly, a mere 1% improvement in energy consumption can result in substantial savings of megawatt-hours (MWh). Every small figure counts in the world of steelmaking, and even the slightest enhancement can yield profound results. ALCHIMIA recognizes this potential and aims to leverage AI’s capabilities to minimize waste, conserve resources, and drive sustainable practices in our industry.


Transforming the Process Industry:

ALCHIMIA places accuracy as its essence, and we are committed to diligently working towards finding the perfect recipe for our feedstock and control parameters. Through the optimization of the entire steelmaking process, we can achieve greater efficiency and sustainability. By embracing AI technologies, CELSA Group is at the forefront of the technological revolution, leading the way towards a future where precision, accuracy, and sustainability go hand in hand.


Join Us on the Journey:

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey of transformation in the process industry. By embracing AI, we can shape a greener tomorrow, where sustainable practices are integrated into every aspect of metalworking. Through initiatives like ALCHIMIA, we unlock the immense potential of AI’s capabilities to revolutionize production processes, minimize waste, and drive a more sustainable future.