Alchimia project has launched!

On September 27–28, 2022, the Alchimia Project held its inaugural kick-off meeting at the CELSA group’s headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

The Alchimia Project (Grant Agreement – n° 101070046) is specialized in the the digitalization of EU metallurgy industries to unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence and support the green transition. The main mission of the Alchimia project is to provide the comprehensive and effective metalworking industries in the EU with a platform to support the transition to high-quality, competitive, efficient, and green production processes with the guarantee of high quality products in the steelmaking industry.

Alchimia aims to develop a cutting-edge system that substantially automates and optimizes the production process with a holistic approach that supports a green economy for the steel industry and protects the environment. In order to create a competitive and environmentally friendly European metallurgical industry, the Alchimia Project aims to reduce energy consumption, emissions, and waste management in the steel-making process.

The meeting was opened by the Alchimia Project Coordinator, Jesús Benedicto Cirujeda. The project gathers 8 partners from the industrial, academic and research sector from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, Greece and the United Kingdom. During the kick-off meeting, the consortium members discussed the project’s initial development and direction and had the privilege to visit the CELSA steel plant in Barcelona.

Stay tuned for more Alchimia project updates and news!

Kick off meeting in CELSA’s Headquarters, Barcelona, Spain (27-28 September 2022

Picture 1: Alchimia project consortium

Kick off meeting in CELSA’s Headquarters, Barcelona, Spain (27-28 September 2022)

Picture 2: Alchimia partners visited the CELSA steel plant in Barcelona, Spain.

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